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20th August 2000, 14:50
I have recently become involved in Aikido and would see both Aikido and Judo to have very similar principles as far as balance and breaking balance is concerned.
I would like to utilise some of the techniques and principles I am learning into my Judo. With an eventual aim to teach some of these, adapted so as to be "Judo".
My question to you all is:
Would this be straying from the way or would Kano approve, should he be around to comment.
Do any of you at the moment incorporate any other MA styles into your Judo, and if so do you teach these hybrid techniques?

20th August 2000, 16:45
Kano-sensei proportedly said on seeing Ueshiba sensei's group, "this is my ideal Judo".

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21st August 2000, 10:23
It is very Germain, Jigme, but some quotes attributed to him are like that, with the prefix "Reportedly," but one I have read many times, in slightly different ways. He did refer at least two of his judoka to Morihei Ueshiba, one being Kenji Tomiki, but I know you know this, so I am getting to the point of answering the topic poster, Ray:wave:

"Use what you know." This bit of wisdom was given me by someone who is about seventy-five and has been playing judo since the age of eight.

Incorporate aikido to judo? Well, bascially, they are the same thing, and that is what I have done, but I don't have direct knowledge, IE, training in aikido, but I had friends whom I met while teaching a class in NYC in the late sixties or early sevnties when I first saw aikido being done, and this was Tomiki Shodokan style. Since, I have worked some wrist, hand, armlocks into what I teach, and some I experimented with others with books as my guide. It seems if one knows judo, this is fairly easy, and if your root art is aikido, same thing. You have read "Judo and Aikido" by Kenji Tomiki-S? Well, it isn't in print now, but someone in your aikido dojo, or someone who just reads a lot concerning Martial arts may have one which you could borrow, or do as I did, get a Xerox. It is a gem, and a good read particularly since you are judoka. Tomiki was 7-dan in Kodokan judo.

(Thanks goes to Mark Jacabscin for the gift)

So all in all, I don't consider any art hybrids. Use what works, and what you know. If you are teaching judo and want to use something which will heighten your knowledge and ability, don't worry. They all have enough in common to all be hybrids, and that is why there are no true hybrids, IMO. The differences really lay in what is the basis for a MA. Judo and aikido are similar in the use of the push-pull methods, and early on, the weapon work, goshin jutsu, in the case of judo.

Anyway, try it. Just don't hurt anybody.:)