View Full Version : Camper kills hatchet weilding attacker

27th October 2002, 18:03
A 49 year old german tourist killed a hatchet weilding attcker at a camp site near Calgary. According to police the attacker lured camper on the pretext that somthing was leaking from his camper. Once outside the camper was struck twice in the back of the head with a hatchet:eek:. At that point a struggle ensued and the fight went to the ground the camper killed the attacker with his bare hands. The police describe the Tourist as a Judo expert with 15 years experince:D . Untill the investigation is finished by police it is unknown if any charges will be laid against the German tourist. The name of the attacker has been with with held untill notification of the family.


Gregory Rogalsky
Rogalsky Combatives International
Calgary Alberta Canada

Robert Cheshire
28th October 2002, 03:27
Good for the camper! That reminds me of the guy a couple months back that tried to carjack a van full of a college (women's) judo team that had recently given a self defense demo. He didn't get killed, but, he was whooped and looked the worst for wear. The story is at CNN's website.