View Full Version : What do you drink during/post training??

Steve Williams
30th October 2002, 20:39
To replace the lost fluids?

Also are you "allowed" to drink during training.... i.e.does your instructor (or you if you are the instructor) allow a short break during training time to have a quick slurp?

Answer the poll, and give your reasons here......

Steve Williams
30th October 2002, 20:44
Me, I will use the sports drink....... if I have bothered to go to the store to get one...

If not then plain water (although a beer a little later is always welcome ;) )

David T Anderson
31st October 2002, 03:33
I bring a 1-L bottle of Nestea Ice Tea with me to every practice and put it in the fridge so it's ready when practice finishes.

It's not precisely forbidden to excuse yourself during practice to get a drink if you need it, but I wish Sensei would officially give us 5 minutes at some point for a quick snort. Our practices run 2 hours, and by the end of it, everybody is pretty dry...

31st October 2002, 05:48
during 1 hour trainings it's not allowed to drink..

If you take longer training sessions it is allowed and I always drink water

Mike Williams
31st October 2002, 09:40
Personally I've never understood not being allowed or not wanting to drink during training. The reasons for it always seem to boil down to "machismo" or "that's not how it was done in the old days".

Intense physical activity requires good hydration. There will always be suitable pauses in training to enable you to slip off the mat and grab a quick mouthful. It's the only healthy option.

And of course the post training pint of Guinness is purely to get my blood-sugar, vitamin B and iron levels back up. It's medicinal.



31st October 2002, 11:40
Personally I've never understood not being allowed or not wanting to drink during training.

well during a 1 hour training I don't really feel the need to drink, after an hour I will need to drink.

4th November 2002, 06:23
I remember listening to Bobby Bowden being interviewed in regards to his college workouts. He's Florida State's college football coach and has had one of his players die on him because of heat prostration. It was a truly remarkable interview and included such brilliant insight as today's athletes are too whimpy because of air conditioning. There's no delicate way to put it other than to say he came off as a complete dumb f..k and he's one of the most successful college coaches in the game.

Keeping players hydrated is a no-brainer and it should extend into our realm. Dammit, it's just common sense.

Think about it another way. I assume most of us here are adults right? So why can't we be trusted to get water when we need it? Never been able to figure this one out as normally competent adults become incapable of common sense decision making once they enter a dojo and must be told how to behave.

By the way, the most common reason I've heard for this, and I've heard it more than once, is tradition. I sometimes wonder if it didn't become tradition because of a lack of running drinkable water?

8th November 2002, 09:20
My dojo keeps 2 full 3 litre bottles of very chilled squash in the fridge, and it's not forbidden to go and grab a drink if needs be, however i think i'll be moving to taking my own, as the chilled nature of the squash causes problems when drinking