View Full Version : Hohan Soken footage?

1st November 2002, 02:03
Can anyone tell me where to get ahold of footage of Hohan Soken doing his karate, especially kusanku kata?

23rd November 2002, 06:14
Hi PingAnTu

Hi you can get footage from Mr.Garrett who was a direct student of Mr.Sokens from 1970-1972.

Just tell him that Brian sent you. His e-mail is garrettcd@worldnet.att.net

Let him know who you are and what you want it for as well as well as a promise not to copy unless asked. He is fairlly friendly guy and my teacher but unfortunaltlelly footage was sold by george Alexander and some others with out permision.

Hope this helps and let me know how it goes.

Brian j Bartunek

Mark Tankosich
24th November 2002, 23:24

Any objection to me contacting your teacher to request footage, too?


28th November 2002, 00:23
Thank you.

Paul Adamson