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3rd November 2002, 10:57
I am moving to New York for a while and am looking for some training partners.
If you live in the area please write me.

Alon Adika

Evan London
4th November 2002, 12:04
Where in NY will you be and what sort of training are you looking for?


7th November 2002, 22:44
Hello a_adika,

I am not familiar with any established dojos in New York City, but there are a handful of schools on Long Island under the leadership of Reshi Allie Alberigo, the Long Island Ninjutsu Centers (http://www.lininja.com). The closest school to NYC is probably a 1 1/4 hour train commute. There is an affiliated school in Brewster which is upstate.

I know that there are some excellent instructors who share the same style and philosophy of our school near NYC.

Where abouts do you plan to move and for how long?