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R Erman
7th November 2002, 14:57
Where is a good place to get quality tabi(indoor) online?

Also, would most of you recommend the tabi socks--do they really help extend the life of the tabi?

Evan London
7th November 2002, 16:38
I don't know about tabi socks preserving the life of tabi, but, wearing socks sure helps them from getting too stinky. Also, save your money and just wear regular socks with the between the toes area pushed in.


7th November 2002, 16:39
Ive always used regular white cotton socks with my tabi and Ive been using the same tabi for five years. These are, however, the outside tabi. And this include using them for: hiking, water training, climbing, rain, snow. Anyhow, while the thread remains accessible, Im curious if anyone knows where to get some good leather tabi. I ordered some a few years ago yet never recieved them. Any help is always appreciated. Thanks.

Troy McClure
7th November 2002, 19:30
I agree about the outdoor tabi! Ouch! They kill my feet.

I'll stick with modern technology and the handywork of 12 year old children. I'll put my Nike cross trainers up against the best tabi.

As for indoor tabi, the best ones are the suede bottoms. I have some great ones that are thick suede on bottom and have double layers and stitching on the seams. I think they'll last forever. Those cotton tabi are only last me a couple of months.

7th November 2002, 20:02
Here are a couple of links...



BTW, if the sole is white, & you want them black, just go get some RIT dye from the drug store & soke them in it & make sure that you wash them with just black for the first couple washings. It worked on my outdoor tabi & turned the RUBBER SOLES BLACK. It's surely going to work on suede.
DON'T PUT SUEDE IN THE DRYER. If you're planning on washing your tabi, you might want to buy them alittle big, wash them the first time, & then put them on wet & just wear them around the house or something to get them to fit right, then dye them & do all that jazz. Wash 'em inside out & then just drip dry. Works great.

7th November 2002, 20:35
I wouldn't know, I buy mine in Japan when I go, or have friends send them to me. I just found those links...

7th November 2002, 20:38
Cool, thanks for the link, I'll check'em out when mine wear out.
I've got two more pair of suede's to go thru so...

R Erman
7th November 2002, 20:45
Thank you everyone for the replies.

I've found some through Bugei, Tozando, and a Genbukan website.

Those through Bugei and the Genbukan Seiko(?) Dojo website seem reasonably priced. I was just curious if anyone has a preference for a particular design.

Thanks Again.

7th November 2002, 22:10
Put up those links!!! I'm sure everyone wants to know what they are!?!

R Erman
7th November 2002, 22:14
Originally posted by Jim_Jude
Put up those links!!! I'm sure everyone wants to know what they are!?!

I never claimed to be very smart...sorry I didn't think about that



and Tozando is up above

8th November 2002, 00:31
At least the Seiko Dojo are! and judging by the price (& considering the rest of the prices on their website) I'm willing to bet that bugei's are cotton bottomed too.
Sometimes you get what you pay for. Get the suede, you won't regret it. Go with the Japanese made, if you can.

18th November 2002, 02:25
try these resonable /halftabiboots.htmlprice and they look to be nice quality http://www.ambersports.com/halftabiboots.html

Bob Barnett

18th November 2002, 03:32

www.buyubooks.com has some very interesting tabi. I am not sure how many of them would be good for training...but they have ones with velcro, zippers, steel toes, and waterproof ones for the rainy days :) They also have a number of indoor ones...but they are all patterned...no straight black. One thing I HAVE found out in dealing with Buyubooks though is that they are VERY receptive to requests for new stock. They are where I ended up purchasing my kamidana and accessories from. When I first looked they did not have the mirror...I asked them about it and within two weeks they had added it to their stock.