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8th November 2002, 18:55
I am looking for an old black and white photo. It is a photo of Stephen K. Hayes, Dr. Maasaki Hatsumi who sitting on the ground with one or two of his students. It might have been Mr. Manaka. There was a total of maybe 15 or more students all Japanese standing up with Mr. Hayes. I believe Mr. Hayes was the only foreigner he was standing in the back with Mr. Nagato and Mr. Muramatsu. If someone has this pic or a link, I would really appreciate it if they posted it here.

11th November 2002, 11:27

is this the picture your looking for


if not there are others here also which may interest you regardless http://www.hpo.net/users/atansley/index.html (just click ninjutsu)

11th November 2002, 17:08
Thanks Paul,

I really appreciate your help.