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John Lindsey
9th November 2002, 04:16
Any idea where this came from?

9th November 2002, 05:21
Story of Ricky (http://www.badmovies.org/movies/storyofricky/index.html)

Hailed as the most violent Kung Fu movie ever. Another famous scene has to be the jail scene. The hero, Ricky, is attacked by a guard in a jail cell or something. He elbows the guards hands, shattering them, punches the guard through the lower part of the neck and out the mouth, then does something else.

11th November 2002, 05:15
And don't forget the time guy with the glass eye that he pops out, and the punch that makes a hole in the poor victims stomach.

Good flick. :p

11th November 2002, 17:31
I had this movie for a while (until it was lent out for the 10,000th time and never returned, not that I cared). It's as if the director tried to use every other scene as an excuse to show blood and gore. The story of Ricky involves a young Chi-Gung master with super human chi strength who is falsely sent to prison for the murder of his girlfriend. There he battles an evil corrupt warden and his super kung fu cell block henchmen bosses. In most movies that involve fighters with super strength when someone gets punched they going flying back 20 or 30 feet but in this case when Ricky punches you his arm goes right through you. Theres blood and guts a plenty for those who like such faire. In one fight scene when one of the cellblock bosses is starting to lose to Ricky he uses his own intestines in an attempt to strangle him. At one point Ricky gets his forearm ripped open and it's spurting blood like a fire hose. Ricky just reaches down and ties a knot in his viens(Haw!).
The climax of the movie involves a giant meat grinder but the most often used clip is the infamous head smashing like a pumpkin scene posted above (I believe it was also used on the daily show on comedy central as well)

12th November 2002, 15:39
Ha ha! Janty is your favorite band perhaps, GWAR?:D
(see http://www.gwar.net/)

12th November 2002, 16:24
Somehow I knew you would say that.:)
For those not familiar with GWAR they are an unusual metal band that wear outrageous costumes (think KISS done with rotting dead flesh) and perform 'live' acts of simulated violence and perversion on stage such as decapitation, sodomy, ejaculation and menstration.
(You know, your usual family entertainment;) )

13th November 2002, 05:29
I'm familiar with GWAR, but I don't understand why all that makes them an *unusual* metal band?

8th December 2002, 10:15
I was never too into their music, but I love those oversized outfits. It makes them look like live Manga Characters, or something from BattleHammer.

william northcote
10th January 2003, 22:48
Does anyone know if this film is available in the UK?

23rd March 2003, 05:50
they are all *highly* educated...

Like Bachelors and PhD.'s in fields like Math and Physics ranging to the Arts. (=

I remember being told this years ago by one of my teachers when he was encouraging us to not judge at first sight. Unfortunately, now I can't find the actual references...

I'll keep looking. ;)