22nd August 2000, 12:52
Welcome, Sensei!

I would like to ask you about your Aikido experience. I have been informed that you were an uchideshi of Gozo Shioda Sensei(or of their Hombu Dojo, I'm not sure).
What was Shioda Sensei like? How was their training? Why did you left Yoshinkai? What rank did you achieve in Aikido?
Thanks for answering our questions.

Obata T
22nd August 2000, 21:27
Yes I was an uchideshi of Gozo Shioda Sensei but...I studied there 27 years ago! Shioda Sensei was a short man [4 feet, 11 inches I think], about as tall as my shoulder.

When Shioda sensei was the age I am right now, I was about 18 and that is when I learned under him. I think as a result I learned Aikido during a good time, since Shioda Sensei was at his physical peak and I had a young body and plenty of energy to learn [This seems to have been almost the same age difference between Shioda Sensei and Ueshiba Sensei when the former began studying "Aikibudo" under the latter.]

The Yoshinkan used to teach the Metropolitan Riot police, so the arresting techniques were also good.

This was a nice time during my youth, but those days are gone now.

I really would rather not comment on Aikido further since I am not actively involved with mainstream Aikido anymore, and have been concentrating on the development of the Aiki-Buken instead.

However, you can find many of my old articles that give my background in Aikido if you are still curious!

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