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Brian Vickery
22nd August 2000, 15:11
Greetings Obata Sensei,

Thank you very much for your time & information!

As long as we're on the subject of the Yoshinkan/Yoshinkai,
Are there specific reasons why you chose not to affiliate
you aikido organization with the Yoshinkan?

Best regards,

Brian Vickery
Mountainside Aikido
Ahwatukee, Arizona

Obata T
22nd August 2000, 21:35

When I was in the Yoshinkan dojo, there were many rules to follow. As an uchi-deshi [live-in apprentice] if I wanted to join another martial art, it was not allowed.

I wanted to study swordsmanship and other martial arts, so that I may better understand Samurai arts. I wanted to reseach and study other martial arts, and this is why I left the Yoshinkan. To be honest, I think I learned enough since I was living in the Yoshinkan for 7 years! [this is longer than alot of uchideshi study for]

Also, if I had stayed in the Yoshinkan, I would not have been allowed the freedom to change the techniques or do any research or variations of my own. Since I left the Yoshinkan, I've been able to create both Shinkendo and the Aiki Buken from all the different experiences I've had during my career.

International Shinkendo Federation,