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Paul Frank
11th November 2002, 11:45
Does anyone have a good source of Iaito. I would like to get one with nice balance that is light in the tip and with the feel of a light steel blade. The hardware is not important to me. Some I have seen that are light feel flimsy. I would like a grove also. If you can help that is great:) :) :) :)

Thank Paul Frank

Charles Mahan
11th November 2002, 15:22
The two most popular sources that I hear about online are http://www.swordstore.com and http://www.tozando.com.

Personally I have only had very limited experience with the Tozando stuff, and that only at the very low end. Student's at our dojo have a great deal of experience with a wide selection of swords from Swordstore. We have found them to be excellently balanced and with very nice and durable fittings. The thing to remember at swordstore is that the Iaito start at $350 and range up to around a $1000 but the only real differences are in the spiffiness of the fittings. The blades are essentiallly the same.

Hope this helps.

Scott Irey
13th November 2002, 02:38
Hiya Paul!

It has been a long time, and we need to catch up. Email me and aside from catching up I might be able to help you with an iaito.

23rd November 2002, 23:46
Try the Nosyu and Meirin ones as well. It would be best if you could try a few different ones out to see what you think. I saw another maker in Kyoto last year and they were really nice but there is no english website you can order from , unfortunately.

Tim Hamilton (another MJER guy...):)