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Mike Williams
11th November 2002, 14:30
Every so often I'll come across a post here on e-budo that consists of nothing but a "." (period) plus the author's signature.

Just curious as to what that means? Is it the result of over-zealous editing? Is it some kind of e-insult? Or a way of bumping the thread to the top?

Idle minds would like to know!



11th November 2002, 16:22
It is probably a bump. People do it for all sorts of reasons, trying to get responses where there were none the first time. It also can simply be a person that has posted, but decides to delete the post.
Some members who don't post or have posted rarely want to make a point that way.

Haven't you ever gone into a thread in which you want to post, but find someone has said what you what you wanted to say? I don't always follow my own advice, but if I know I may be making an angry post, I usually wait another day and see if another has the same response as I would have written or find the post that makes my point.

It is like the post in which someone posts just a smilie to make his agreement or uses one which may say: "I've heard that before."

John may have more/other reasons for such posts, but I believe they sometimes say more than a person can by simply bumping the appropriate post closer to the top, or get others to respond to the bumped post. However, he did one time, bump a post to explain what he was doing.

Some just think too much of themselves in this medium.

It makes sense to wait to post until you can make a better response instead of the post which shoes anger or attacks another. I know I don't always do this but I try. It definitely works for writing to the editorial page of your local newspaper. When I was still living in Los Angeles, they wouldn't post anything I wrote, but when I took a day to think about it, they became much more common.

Hope this rant helps.;)


Mike Williams
12th November 2002, 09:00
Thanks Mark - I thought the 'bump' was the most plausible explanation, but that "." is just so ...uncommunicative.

At least "ttt" as used on The Underground implies a certain enthusiasm for the subject matter.

I had also thought that the period might be a way of calling an end to the debate, as in "there's no more to be said. Period!" - in which case it seems fairly uncommunicative, too.

Personally, I'm trying to kick the habit of smilies - I want to be able to convey my meaning like wot riters in the old days did.



12th November 2002, 09:32
usually everyone just writes BUMP... or posts a picture... that way it is clear for everyone what the meaning is....

I was also wondering what people meant with "."


23rd November 2002, 06:52
They could at least use something cool like this:


What does 'TTT' stand for anyway? I'm behind the times...

Mike Williams
24th November 2002, 14:30
ttt = "to the top"

On the underground, it also seems to imply "yeah!", "what he said!", "Dude, you rock!" and so forth.

A positive bump!



PS: that smilie-bump is very cute. Where'd you get that?

24th November 2002, 16:45

I used to have a cooler one with a smilie bouncing to the top of a stack of other smilies holding a sign that said: 'BUMP!', but I can't remember where I got that one..

3rd December 2002, 08:05
awww they sound cute :D