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Undmark, Ulf
22nd August 2000, 15:26
Dear Obata sensei,

I would like to thank you for participating here and sharing with us your knowledge about the various aspects of budo.

I also wonder how the teachings of martial arts have been preserved in the Obata family during it's long history.
I have heard about the Koyo Gunkan and of Koshu ryu and Takeda ryu heiho. Can you please tell us some about these links to the past and of the martial knowledge of the Obata family?

Ulf Undmark

Obata T
23rd August 2000, 01:47
Hmmm...I'm afraid there does not seem to be any real martial art that has been preserved through the Obata family.

When I visited Obata Town [Obata-machi, Gunma-ken] in Japan a couple of years ago, the museum there had "stuff" [antique jinbaori, war relics, yoroi, etc.] but it didn't really have any records of martial arts or any kind of ryu-ha.

Sorry I do not have much to say on this question!

International Shinkendo Federation,