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Ichigeki Boy
13th November 2002, 12:00
I want to know more about becoming a Kyokushin uchideshi

Does anyone have any information regarding this? Where can i go to become one?
I dont know what to ask because i know so little about it, so any information that anyone knows will be appreciated, Thank You.

Jussi Häkkinen
13th November 2002, 12:20
Please, sign your posts with your full, real name.

13th November 2002, 14:51
How about starting with a full bio?

Ichigeki Boy
13th November 2002, 14:54
Does anyone know?

Bu Nasser

13th November 2002, 15:21
KnockOut Boy:

I think you would need to ask your Sensei.
Your Sensei would probably refer to the regional
Branch Chief. The Branch Chief would then
contact the headquarters for your organization.

I am the first to admit I have no experience in this area,
but I am relatively sure you would want to follow the
chain of command in whichever organization you are in.

BTW, most live-in Disciple programs will be in Japan, and
there are a couple in Scandinavia as well. To the best of my
knowledge there is not much of this in the U.S. where I live.
I am sure there are others scattered around the globe now.

I believe it was “simpler” when there was one Kyokushin
organization with Mas Oyama, Sosai in charge. Then everyone
who was seeking this level of training would all go to the
IKO Honbu in Japan. Of course many people would drop out
due to the intensity of the training. Those who survived the
3 years though would become awesome karate-ka.


Ichigeki Boy
13th November 2002, 15:31
So the ones who completed the three years of hard training would become awesome Karateka...

This is great information,
Thanx a lot

Ichigeki means "One Hit" ;) im not that much of a knockout

13th November 2002, 15:41
There is a similar thread over on the Australian
Kyokushin Discussion board. only one response so
far, but more than likely more will continue later:

check it out if you get a chance.