View Full Version : why move thread "Bujinkan????"

17th November 2002, 14:03

Why has this post been moved to the "NHBG" forum? While differing opinions have been shared (an important aspect of discussion), I don't feel anyone has gotten out of hand with their comments.

Yes, some posts 'could' have been worded a little better, but none have descended to a level that warrants the entire post being moved there. Like the majority of discussions on this site, this one has pushed some people's buttons. Again, different opinions sometimes do that.

The discussion has provided some thought provoking posts. I would like to see it returned to the Ninpo forum and ask others who agree to say so. If you ('THE Moderators") do not feel it should be returned here, then I would like to ask 'why?'

17th November 2002, 18:30
Well...I didn't move this one so I can't answer.

John Lindsey
17th November 2002, 20:16
I was the one who moved it. Yes, it could have been worded a little better at times, but I felt that everything that had to be said was said. I thought Ben Cole summed it up well, while others were a little too defensive at times. But, I can understand their concern.

If you feel there is anything left to be said, please start a new thread here. I will leave the other one up in the NHB&G for now and will not delete it yet.

18th November 2002, 02:50
I agree with John's idea that the thread may well have run it's constructive course, but I disagree with it being moved to the nhbg.

I would say that if, as moderator, you choose to close the thread saying "Okay folks, this has run it's course, if you want to open another go ahead but this one is now closed." I think that would be fine, but I would request that it be left here in the Ninjutsu forum. It touches on some really interesting points and brings up a lot of interesting dynamics, even if some of them are a tad negative.

For me, it's a valuable opportunity for the online Buj community to demonstrate that they/we can for the most part handle criticism constructively. Ben demonstrated that in superb form and I'd like to think that the thread, even if closed, will be here for a while for others to possibly learn from.

Troll or no, the moment we stoop (in response to clearly and civilly stated criticism) to saying things like "Who are you? Where do you train? What are your credentials? What right do you have to question someone as great as (whomever)?" or, "If you don't think it's any good why don't you go and challenge (whomever)?", at that moment we have lost, and one of our grossest weak points has been illuminated for all to see, and an excellent opportunity for Budo in action, rather than mere fighting, has been thrown away.

My 2c

18th November 2002, 20:46
Thanks for chiming in Mr. Clayton!

I guess I still don't understand why Mr. Lindsey felt the need to move the thread. If he felt it had run its course, why not just leave it here and close it?

John Lindsey
18th November 2002, 21:19
When I thread is closed, nobody can post further on it. BTW, a thread can always be brought back from the NHB&G, but I have rarely done it.

19th November 2002, 06:51
As it appears the 'Bujinkan' thread has been moved back into this forum I am closing this thread. Hope you guys that requested this send thanks to John :)