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22nd November 2002, 10:28
Anyone have any links concerning Jewish people in Japan during WWII. Friend asked.

Joseph Svinth
23rd November 2002, 02:14
Try http://www.haruth.com/JewsJapan.html .

24th November 2002, 08:13
Thanks - you have made a little old lady very happy.

Joseph Svinth
24th November 2002, 20:07
Just for general principle, Sugihara is worth reading about. Also look to Shanghai, as a lot of Jews left Russia and Poland via Shanghai.

26th November 2002, 19:47
Joe Svinth's Sugihara reference is a good one. Amazing man, that Sugihara. He was fired by his own government and blackballed for years after the war for what he did.

You also might want to do a search on books about the 100th/442nd RCT, made up of mostly Japanese Americans, who participated in the liberation of Dachau.

Wayne Muromoto