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26th November 2002, 04:49
Just wondering how many of you are, like me, currently in Japan, and if so, the Kanto area?

One reason I ask is I'd like to invite y'all to come try Mugairyu Iaihyodo -- it's a blast!


renfield kuroda
(Minato-ku, right in the middle o' big messy Tokyo)

28th November 2002, 19:48
I trained in Tokyo in May at Honda sensei's MJER dojo..nice guy do you know him? Has a lot of English speaking students so I didnt need a translator!! Only problem was he put me on the senior side as an example to his students...no comments on good or bad example please:D
Trying to save up the cash to come over in May for the Kyoto taikai again, so if I make it I'll give you a call!

Tim Hamilton

28th November 2002, 22:43
Unfortunately I don't know Honda-sensei -- I spend all my time training in Mugairyu, though I've started learning the seiteigata finally.

Kyoto's a bit far from Tokyo, but let me know when you'll be in Japan -- there is Mugairyu in Kyoto as well so you could drop by a seminar probably if the timing is right!

renfield kuroda