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26th November 2002, 14:33
I need to purchase a new pair of boots that meet the following dept. guidelines. They must be black, above the ankle, and be matte or polishable on the toe caps and heels (no suede). Nylon is OK for the sides, but I live in Maine, so leather is better. I am looking for boots that I can run and move in, not boots to just drive around in that look shiny.

Any suggestions?

Geoff Wingard

26th November 2002, 19:12
I personally wear Magnum 8" trooper boots. However our department usually issues the Rocky 8" boot. My Magnums are nylon on the side and are rpone to getting soaked through. The Rocky boots are all leather though.

Benjamin Peters
26th November 2002, 20:24
Check out this site here for some boots you may like:

26th November 2002, 21:10
If you're interested in waterproof boots, Danner Acadia's have nylon panels and are gore-tex lined. Hi-Tec makes a waterproof version of their Stealth in full leather and nylon panel; it is lined with Sympatex, a breathable waterproof lining (less expensive than Danners). Try this outlet - they give a discount to military and police customers:


27th November 2002, 10:46
Thanks for your suggestions. I'll check them out.