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24th August 2000, 12:55

Let me add my welcome and thanks for your particpation in this forum

My question is hopefully a relatively simple one. In the area of the UK I live there does not appear to be anyone teaching Kenjutsu (only Kendo and Iaido).

I have always told my students that the only way to learn a martial art is through proper instruction with a qualified instructor. Now I am in the position of being desperately keen to learn Kenjutsu but without access to a Dojo or Sensei.

Are there basic exercises one can practice on their own or is it better to wait and hope that one day the opportunity arises.

With gratitude and respect

Obata T
24th August 2000, 23:46
Hmm...we have Shinkendo books, videos, and exercise Aikido videos that you can find at http://www.shinkendo.com.

We have received alot of interest from people in the UK that would like to learn Shinkendo.

I will be going to Amsterdam, France, and Switzerland in October. If you would like to join the seminars, you can contact us at Shinkendo@aol.com and we will help you contact the instructors over there closest to you.

It is better if you have no martial art background because it should be easier for you to learn!

But first you must get a better understanding of Shinkendo which you can find in the Shinkendo book and other products on our web page. This way you will be better prepared for the seminar.

International Shinkendo Federation,