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2nd December 2002, 03:42

I live in Tokyo and I am interested in seeing some Shorinji Kempo! Is there some kind of resource or page where I could find a Timetable?

Thanks a lot,

Jason Winder

2nd December 2002, 06:05
Hi, Jason. I live in Tokyo, too. There are over 100 branches of Shorinji Kempo in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area; where is convenient for you?

Anders Pettersson
2nd December 2002, 12:11

For some info on branches in the Tokyo area you can look here:

I hope this helps.


2nd December 2002, 14:32
Hi there,

Many of these are convenient to me, however I would really appreciate some recommendations - I dont mind travelling a little further to see some really good budo.

Please let me know where I should go to get a feel for Shorinji Kempo.

Thanks a lot

Jason Winder

2nd December 2002, 22:56
Gassho __||__

Hello Jaz;

Your best bet would be to get in direct contact with Tony (Kimpatsu) as he is well versed in the ways of Shorinji Kempo. Then, maybe after seeing a classs, if you are interested in joining you could look for a convienient dojo to train at. If you want a good place to train in the Shinjuku area I trained at Sendagaya for a couple of years and they are very good.
Their branch info is as follows:

Sendagaya Branch Master: Hatsuno sensei
(1)Shibuya-ku Gaien junior highschool, Gym.(Tues.: PM6:30-PM9:00)
JR Yamanote line Harajuku station or Chiyoda line Meiji Jingumae station, 3 min. on foot
(2)Shibuya-ku Yoyogi elementary school, Gym. (Thurs.:PM7:00-PM9:30)
JR Yamanote line Yoyogi station 5 min. on foot
Point of contact: zip1350047 Mr. Yoshimi Hatsuno, 2-2-7-606 Tomioka, Koto-ku(Tel/fax:03-3630-9709)

If you are interested in seeing a class at Sendagaya, please write to me in advance and I can let them know that you are coming.

Hope this helps.


Onno Kok
Alberta Shibu
Calgary Canada