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25th August 2000, 09:50
Konnichi wa Obata-san. Thank you for your time and for being so kind to share with us here on E-budo.

With respect, I would like to know in your own words what can you tell us about the book titled "The Ninja Training Manual" written by Yukishiro Sanada and Published by Dragon Books. What motivated the production of this book and the information of the history of the Sanada-Ryu?

With respect and curiosity,

Arnold Vargas
Genbukan Satoichi Dojo
Tsunami-Ryu Bujutsu

Obata T
25th August 2000, 20:17
In my opinion, I saw many different types of Ninjutsu books...and I thought...Ninjutsu has been handed down the wrong way.

What do you think of Ninjutsu?

Do you think a Ninja's main purpose is to fight?

Do you really think there are real Ninjutsu techniques that are left today?

Do you have [historically varafiable information about the clans of] Iga, Koga, Rappa, Suppa, Fuma, Kugutsu, Shinobi, Sanada, etc.?

Can you state [factually] Japan's history from a thousand years ago... En-no, Ozuno, Shinobi...From Kamakura to Muromachi...the Sengoku (civil war era)...the situations that arose in the early, middle, and end of the Edo era?

What do you think is a Ninja's main job?

All this is largely unknown.

A ninja's main job is to get information secretly [covert intelligence]...it may take 1 year....3 months...or even 10 years before a battle even erupts.

A ninja had dirty jobs [actions not considered honorable by the Samurai class. NS] of spreading rumors, arson [terrorism], using poison, confusing the enemy etc.

A ninja that wore a black robe while fighting, martial arts, and various weapons in only 1% of what a real ninja is. A ninja is a normal person, doing normal jobs (farmers, puppeteers, massage, street peddler). In my opinion, it is a sad thing that only one part of what a ninja really was has been over exaggerated, and become popular in movies and books as a result.

Swords, shuriken, costumes. etc. are moslty things made up by the action coordinators, directors and producers of action movies [anime and manga as well].

If you would like to know more about Ninjas, there are texts and historical documentation left about them. Never trust Japanese Ninja movies!

International Shinkendo Federation,

25th August 2000, 21:29
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita Obata-san.

Thank you for your reply and time. Yes, I do believe that one of the main functions of the ninja/shinobi was intelligence gathering.

So then you did this book to shed some light on the history of the true shinobi...

I believe the story of the shinobi is a sad one... But there are very few reliable sources. The media has been poisoning in relation to the history of the ninja.

In what way do you feel Ninjutsu has been handed down the wrong way?

If given a chance, would you consider doing another book describing the true aspects of Ninjutsu and the ninja/shinobi, at least historically?

Why didn't you use your real name in this book?

If ninja that wore a black robe while fighting, martial arts, and various weapons is only 1% of what a real ninja is, then why did you use the black ninja uniform like the media has exposed it if you wanted to show the true aspect of ninjutsu and the ninja/shinobi? I am confused...

With respect and curiosity,

Arnold Vargas

Obata T
27th August 2000, 06:33
Fighting strategies included Heiho, Gunpo, and Ninpo.

Ninpo is the most secretive - no one knows they were there, and no evidence is left behind, kind of like a spy.

In movies, black robes are used...because it "looks more like ninjas". But, ninja's long ago dressed in their work clothes or normal clothes. If you carried swords or were caught carrying shuriken, everyone would know that you were a ninja and it wouldn't be a secret would it?

The ninjutsu techniques used in movies are made up by the
movie society, so they tend to look more real.

I remember a long time ago, I met a ninjutsu group at a movie set in Japan. I was a little surprised - they couldn't really do anything; they couldn't jump or flip, and they didn't really know any techniques. If you see a ninjutsu competition, I think you would be really dissapointed.

International Shinkendo Federation,