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25th August 2000, 10:34
Just one more question from me, Obata Soke :)

I'm sure that due to Shinkendo's increasing popularity, many other people share the same curiosity.

May I know if there will be more new Shinkendo dojos "coming soon" in the near future? And, in which lucky cities are they? On the average, how many new branches are established in a year?

Thank you so much for your time answering these questions.


Obata T
25th August 2000, 20:28
[Leo, please list your full, real name when posting. NS]

It takes a long to time to establish a full branch. Some originate from seminars or as a club or study group, and then it takes a while to completely form.

I had a 3 branches start in Arkansas this year, A branch in Hungary has started to grow recently, and a branch in Amsterdam has just been started. I have students in New York; one of which is very serious, and I hope that a branch will get started there as well.

In south Germany, there is an instructor of Kuntaiko that is serious, and he was started to teach. South France was a study group until recently, but has now started to become a branch dojo.

I will go to Paris and Alzas [100% mis-spelled... sorry!] this October. One of our students from the Honbu dojo has started to teach in Hermosa Beach, CA [we have two branches there now. NS].

You can find our current dojo listing at http://www.shinkendo.com. There are still many places that are not listed yet, so check back occaisonally!

International Shinkendo Federation,

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26th August 2000, 00:55
Dear Obata Soke,

Thank you so much for your reply and I apologize for not posting my complete name.

I am still curious about starting a new study group, but I think I will contact the Dojo or other Shinkendo students directly for general information about that.


Leo Song