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25th August 2000, 09:57
Does anyone else play Go online? I've noticed they have a online game of go under the 'games' section of yahoo.com in 'go' - http://games.yahoo.com/

All the rooms seem to have quite a few people generally ;)
Any other places you can play go online?
Thats my bit for the day :D

p.s. the forum is pretty dead recently?

27th August 2000, 05:56
Howdy HHman!

I play online regularly. There are several places to play. The biggest (by numbers of people) is IGS (Internet Go Server) on Telnet. Info can be found at there homepage: http://panda-igs.joyjoy.net/

There is also a server similar to the yahoo server at the microsoft gaming zone: http://www.zone.com/go/

Another good Java based server (I believe yahoo and microsoft gaming zone are Java based) call World Web Go, located in Japan at: http://www01.tjsys.co.jp/

There are several others but these are the main ones.

You'll usually find me on IGS with the name "burp". If want to play a game there feel free to ask. Plus, if you have difficulty hooking up to IGS or any of the others ask any questions you need.



p.s. Yes, this forum has been rather dead lately. I've got a few things I've been hoping to post, but haven't had a chance to do so yet. Unfortunately, this forum hasn't been as active since the E-Budo crash either. Anyway ... .

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