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7th December 2002, 08:57
What kind of space did you use to start your dojo, or did the dojo you train in start at? I mean, the very FIRST place where the dojo began. Was it a K of C, a leased room in a gym, in a church space, a school gymnasium, some other available hall? If it is your dojo, why did you choose this space over other locations? Price? Schedule? Accessibility? Doing some prelim research, looking to start my own school sometime in the near future, and wondering what kind of space might make sense...


Mark Barlow
7th December 2002, 15:53
My first training was with a college judo club. Lots of space, nice dressing rooms, great tatami but access was limited and we often had scheduling conflicts with other sports clubs.

I opened my first private dojo (with my Sensei's blessings) in a small rented building in one of the worst parts of town, surrounded by bars and porno theaters. We told people we were located in the entertainment district. Rent was $125.00 a month and just about everybody had a key to the place so it wasn't unusual to find someone training at midnight or later. It was a great time and a wonderful learning experience even though I prefer my current dojo with it's reliable plumbing, hot and cold running water and lack of drunks.

Rob Alvelais
7th December 2002, 21:36
Ballroom Dance studio