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Tony Tung
26th August 2000, 02:11
Dear Obata Soke,

My name is Tony Tung; I am a beginning student of Scott Sensei in Hermosa Beach. I wanted to say several things.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to appear on a forum such as this--to see you spreading the art of Shinkendo has been an inspiration for several students like myself. It is fantastic to see such active involvement from the one who with such a wide range of experience and knowledge.

I also want to thank you for sharing Shinkendo with the world in general. I have trained in different arts in the past, and each has taught me a wide range of things. I must say that Shinkendo has given me that "something" that I have been searching for ever since I came to Los Angeles. I tried looking at several kendo dojos and iaido classes, and although close, nothing seemed to really strike me (excuse the pun) until I found Nathan Scott Sensei back at Loyola.

Since then I have undertaken the study of Shinkendo with much of my time outside of work and tried to embrace it into all areas of my life. It has given me a chance to meet challenges within myself, and to use what I learn in class to help me develop as a person.

I look forward to the day when Tsuki Kage Dojo is ready to humbly request your presence to teach a seminar at our branch.

Please take care and know that you have given quite a gift to the martial arts world. I am honoured to be a part of it.


Tony Tung
Tsuki Kage Dojo
Hermosa Beach, CA. USA

Obata T
27th August 2000, 06:04
I am happy that more people are starting to support and understand Shinkendo as a whole. I would like students to understand the philosophy and enjoy Shinkendo for what it is.

With students and instructors like you, I think that Shinkendo will become better over time, as other martial arts have that have endured the test of time.

I wish that students that are serious will one day start to teach Shinkendo and share it with others.

Please study Kuyo Junikun and Hachido...

International Shinkendo Federation,

Nathan Scott
27th August 2000, 06:08
But seriously, thanks much for the kind words and for contributing.

Welcome to e-budo!

(PS. See you bright and early tomorrow morning. Bring water.)