View Full Version : Pin escape tricks/techniques/strategies

Jody Holeton
11th December 2002, 00:39
Dear all,

Recently I have been rolling with alot of Japanese GJJ people who love the GUARD. They just drop right into it. #every GODDAM time.....#

Can someone please expound on some ground basics against pins and the guard?

Strategies aagainst pins:
Always turn into your opponent
never reach back OVER your opponent
knees up
use both hands
FREAK your opponent out: sword hand knuckle rubs (on the ribs, iside the thighs, elbow ANYWHERE soft (stomache, back of the head, inside of the thighs etc.)

What else?

Ed Beneville
11th December 2002, 05:47
That is a pretty big question. As for passing the guard, you should, of course, get our book Passing the Guard.;)

Here is one sneaky trick for getting out of pins: Slip your foot in between his spine and his belt and then push off to make space.




11th December 2002, 19:05
I like to bite the crap out of people, then when they are distarcted, I use one of Ed and Tims fabulouse escapes!

16th December 2002, 05:33
What I do basicly depends whether it is an open, closed gaurd or half guard.

If it is a open gaurd I don't even try to to tangle with the upperbody. I hook one leg and slide back into an ankle lock (of cour don't make it obvious that itis is what you are doing) Leg locks are my speacilty so once one it on PAIN soon follows!:D