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12th December 2002, 00:19
I was just asked by a fellow worker to help him with some translations for a style of Karate that I have not heard of. I think the spelling is Egami Ryu or it could be Ehgami. Not really sure nor is he. I was told hat the person that wants the translation of this book is the mayor of Oita city in Japan. Any and all help would be appreciated as to it's roots etc.. Thank you.:smilejapa

12th December 2002, 13:39
Shigeru Egami was a direct student of Gichin Funakoshi.
Egami was one of the senior students and was very inventive to the dismay of some. Egami was head of the Shotokai until his death. He remained loyal to O'sensei but had a group go in new directions, today they are called Shintaido.

The only Egami Ryu people I have heard of are in France.

Bottom line I believe Egami Ryu is Shotokai. Books by Egami
"The Heart of Karate (AKA: Karate, Beyond Technique)"
Shigeru Egami

Steve Beale