View Full Version : Anatomy of the Big Swing

12th December 2002, 15:55
Hi all,

Following the thread "Quality of the Cut/Strike"....

I've heard from some places that when raising the sword, you want to maintain the chudan relationship and swing from the shoulder. What is meant by that is that rather than a push-pull like action, the angle that the sword makes with the forearm doesn't change initially in the upswing. The angle will eventually "break" much like a golf swing when you reach the end, but you don't "break" initially because it becomes a "one-two". This achives a more circular path of the tip.

On the other side, I've also heard that raising the sword, you want to "point up" with the right hand, which helps square the sword's orientation against the left forearm which gives you more leverage in the upswing. This achieves a more thrusting up like feeling in the upswing. However, this achieves the one-two which makes one a prime candidate for de-kote, if the maai is not controlled properly.