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Martin Allerby
20th December 2002, 09:57
Hello all!

Iím a bit curious of the Shorinjikempo-public opinion regarding an aspect in Embu.

At some occasions Iíve noticed a number of Embu pairs interrupting/finishing their Embus as soon as they hear the first ring (indicating the minimum time). I guess that this is done since they want to reduce the amount of minus points from the referees.

Do you think this is OK? Is there a way of minimising this behaviour?

Grateful for your comments!

Best regards,

Martin Allerby

21st December 2002, 01:17
Gassho, Martin.
I'm not sure I grasp all the nuances of your question. Can you give a specific example?

Martin Allerby
27th December 2002, 08:42
Hello All! Hello Tony!

I'll try to clarify my question!
Iíve noticed more then once that Embu-pairs interrupt their performance before it was intended to be finished. As soon as they hear the bell (indicating the minimum time) they tries to find as quick finish as possible. Sometimes they manage to do it less obvious, but sometimes it is rather clear that the Embu is finished before it was originally planned. Since the referees take of points for every ďmistakeĒ the pair does it is ďfavourableĒ to be perform as short time as possible. Then you will have less time to do mistakesÖ and you will get higher points!

Iím I alone that noticed this? If not Iím curious to know your opinions!

Hope this made it a bit clearer!

Best regards,

Tripitaka of AA
27th December 2002, 09:02
As Embu tend to be the result of a great deal of practice, over a period of time, they are usually relatively easy to pace. As long as the Kenshi know in advance the expected duration, then there really shouldn't be any need for strict timing rules during the competition. Excessive over-running should be avoided, as should the super-quick, over-in-the-bink-of-an-eye type of embu. Generally, the timing of an embu is something that should be worked out weeks before any competition display.

As the rules for timing are mainly there to allow the competition to see a fair comparison between Kenshi, I don't suppose there is a great deal of sense in rushing to finish. Personally, as a spectator I'd rather see a polished performance than a half-finished mess.

27th December 2002, 15:35
Ah, I understand now, Martin-san! Gotcha!
I've never actually seen this "rush-through", but I can understand where it might happen, especially among lower-grade pairs who are desperate not to run over time. However, finishing in such a sloppy fashion would surely result in loss of points for lack of polished performance, and so would be counter-productive to the intended end result: higher marks through remaining within the time frame. As Tripitaka-san says, polished performance wins higher marks. After all, embu is intended to be an art form as well as a training method. I think that rush-through pairs have failed to grasp the meaning of embu, and for that, they really should be penalised.

Anders Pettersson
28th December 2002, 23:29

Hi Martin and others.

My answer to your question if it is OK to try and finish the embu before it is originally planned is definitely no.

However I have rarely seen it the way as you describe it. My experience is that it is more of a waiting for the signal of the time to reach the minimum in order to not get minus point for that, instead of as you describe, finishing before the embu is done as planned.
If there is a too long wait with no activity (and with insecure look of the kenshi's face), the judges will clearly see that and score accordingly.

But mainly I think that the pairs that have these problems will score very low anyway, because if you think that this action will save you some points, you have not practiced your embu enough.
There is also another aspect of the length of the embu. If two pairs end up with identical points, the embu with the longest time will win. This was the fact at the International Taikai in Paris 2001. The Morikawa brothers (Rakuto-doin, Kyoto) had the exact same point (both in Seikakudo and Hyougendo) as the winning pair (have forgot their names right now).