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22nd December 2002, 04:38

Can anyone suggest the best, 'must have' serious reference works on the MA, sitting on your shelf, to be a MA researcher?

I am limiting this inquiry to the printed word, but if, in addition, you have specific web sites to recommend, please add after the printed word recommendations.


Joseph Svinth
22nd December 2002, 05:35
Old newspapers on microfilm are the true treasure trove.

Archives and library collections can be pretty interesting, too. A lot of the catalogues are online, thus maximizing your time inside the building.

In the affordable paperback range, Draeger and Smith "Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts" and Corcoran and Farkas' "Martial Arts: Traditions, History, People" are dated but still very useful.

In the expensive hardback range, Green's "Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia" and Dupuy and Dupuy's "Harper's Encyclopedia of Military History" are useful.

At the specialist level, don't overlook the Osprey Men-At-Arms series. Very useful books, if you're looking for details of weapons, equipment, and uniform.