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Ichigeki Boy
31st December 2002, 18:20
Anybody ever seen it? its got Stephen K. Hayes Sensei in it, its pretty old, like '92 or '93 i think, anyways i finally have some idea of what Taijutsu is like.

I heard that you dont block in Taijutsu, and the main guy in the movie never really blocked, he would evade, move out of the way and counter attack, usually with some sort of lock or throw. He rolled around a lot too (ukemi?)

A review i read of this movie done by a guy who practices Budo Taijutsu, said that the actor's Taijutsu was really bad, in the movie the guy was a shodan, they show you a part where he's a green belt, recieving a black belt from Stephen K. Hayes Sensei, but i coudlnt understand why the guy who wrote the review said the actor's Taijutsu was bad..his moves, his technique, was pretty incredible looking..he made everything look so smooth, at some points it looked really soft, but i loved it, i didnt care much for the story, but just watching him move, makes me want to practice Budo Taijutsu really bad now. Yup. Just thought I'd share.

Bu Nasser

31st December 2002, 18:27
Taijutsu folks are second only to guitar players in our passion for nitpicking another's technique to death!

2nd January 2003, 11:06
Originally posted by Ichigeki Boy
Anybody ever seen it? its got Stephen K. Hayes Sensei in it, its pretty old, like '92 or '93 i think, anyways i finally have some idea of what Taijutsu is like.

I hadn't heard about it until you mentioned it, but I'll keep an eye open for it. IMDB: http://uk.imdb.com/Title?0095745

2nd January 2003, 13:47
There is a link on the site with Stephen K. Hayes listed. -When clicked on, it lists "Shogun" as one of his movies...Anyone know where
in the movie he appeared? Jon Gillespie

2nd January 2003, 14:05
I haven't seen Shogun for years, but I believe he's one of the ones on the boat at the very beginning. Could be wrong though.

Speaking of Shogun, has anyone got the boxed set of 3 VHS tapes? Have you seen the images on the box? Several images taken from the film... and one taken from Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits!!! :D

Also, at the very beginning of the film when the ship is shown, you can clearly see the shadow of the helicopter that was filming it! :D

Apart from that, it was a pretty good film, mainly because for us non-Japanese speakers, you really felt how difficult it was for them to understand, given that there were no subtitles. But over the course of the 9 hours (on the version I've got, anyway) you got to understand what they were saying, even though you didn't speak the language.

2nd January 2003, 15:13
Yep, seen it. The movie has it's redeeming points, especially compared to all the Sho Kusogi movies and the ilk.

I'm repeating words second hand here, so I appologize if they are inaccurate: A buyu of mine who trained & taught under Stephen Hayes told me that Hayes was a little miffed (maybe saddened would be a better word) that most of his scenes (dealing w/ninpo philosophy) were left on the cutting floor.

All in all, though, it's a good rent and not a bad intro to the art for newbies. Tamdhu, you are correct on your observation. Of course different doesn't make it bad, unless it does, of course.

Bryant Gmfry
9th January 2003, 15:20
Ninja Vengance sucks eggs. Jon Lindsey can speak more aboutit because he and a few of the others were in it.
Thom Humphreys

9th January 2003, 18:07
Far be it for me to contradict the King of Texas. (Please don't behead me, m'lord...:nw: :nw: Greetings, Thom, from South Dakota. I'll get around to ordering those shirts one of these days.

I said "Ninja Vengence" was a good movie compared to Hollywierd's other attempts, such as Ninja Death Star, American Ninja, etc. Even though the box said it was filmed in the early 80s, it has the feel of an early 70s "B" grade movie. At least nobody in "ninjer suits" are doing backflips off of cliffs or sticking stars in people's forheads.:rolleyes:

9th January 2003, 19:17

I actually own this movie...got it off of ebay for something like 6 bucks I think. It has to be some of the WORST acting I have ever seen...so bad however that it is comical to watch. The mother of the boy that gets killed just cracks me up every time she speaks for some reason (I know..demented huh?). I did think it was kind of cool to see Ninjutsu portrayed as something other than 'super killer untouchable mystic monster' as in so many other flicks. The hero has some cool tricks, but is far from untouchable. I think its a fun movie to sit around and watch with a group of friends that train and not take too seriously.

Bryant Gmfry
9th January 2003, 20:03
I like the Yin/Yang symbol that he got when he became a black belt. I saw Stephen in Florida this summer at NAPMA and I asked him if he regreted making that flick and he said it was an experience.
He is working out with Bill Kip and the boys and is doing a lot of groud work and punching.
As far as the movie, you can see a lot of the people in it at the OFB 3 in Houston.
It was filmed in Galveston and was shot as a free Hayes seminar. Check out the angry mob scene and youwill see Lindsey.
Thom Humphreys

9th January 2003, 21:45
Hey guys this movie was filmed in 89 in Houston & Galveston, Tx. The producer and director was one of John's student's before he moved to San Francisco. Myself and a few students who were under John Lindsey at the that time were cast as extras. We also got to go to the premire 3 years later. The original title was suppose to be "Black & White The Warrior Quest"

Needless to say I must admit that it was not very good but considering a $10,000 budget it was probably the best that could be expected.

Dale Joseph
Lubbock Kobudo Dojo