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william northcote
8th January 2003, 21:08
While going through Kazaa P2P, I came across this title:

Ninja Combat Techniques#2 Brought to you by the Wan Yun Loong Combat Lab Email wanyunloong@aol.com

Has anyone heard of this person?

What the .AVI film shows is 5 mins or so of knife defence. Most of it is poor quality but it does show what seems to be defence and attack.

Has anyone seen this clip if so what are your views on this?

Have a good time training :D

9th January 2003, 00:00
Hmm .... wondered how long till this came up since this little video is being downloaded like crazy from our computers.

The style in question is Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu brought to you by Sensei Sonny Gary of the Wan Yun Loong (Ten-Thousand Cloud Dragon)

My name is Richard Elizondo, I am one of Sensei Gary's students & made these videos from some very-old video footage about a year ago. The video is from almost 3 1/2 years ago if I remember correctly.

The Wan Yun Loong Combat Lab has been providing realistic combat training in the South Texas (Corpus Christi) area for the past 5 Years now. Our training is based on Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, but does include other Martial Arts such as JKD, Kung Fu, Tang So Do, and some very impressive Escrima. Any questions about the Wan Yun Loong combat lab may be directed to Sonny at wanyunloong@aol.com

We will be at the OFB3 Seminar in Feb. Hope to see you guys there.

Richard Elizondo

william northcote
9th January 2003, 07:47
Cheers Richard for your reply.

I guess that it is the only real thing on the Kazaa P2P that is of any real use to me.

Also, are there any other of these videos out there and what do they cover? as yet I havnt found any more. But i will search again.

Have a good day.

Gary Liddington
9th January 2003, 13:09
I've noticed that most of O Sensei's Aikido films's are on the P2P networks.

But I've just managed to get hold of Shinobi no mono, don't worry legal fans, I'm buying the DVD!!!..

william northcote
9th January 2003, 13:36
Been looking again on the Kazaa P2P but all I have found is a 22 second clip of someone doing a demonstration in budo.
Hope the last person to post a message can tell me what the name of the files are as some clips cannot be downloaded

Have a good day

william northcote
9th January 2003, 13:41
BTW Richard,

Has your dojo got a website address?

Gary Liddington
9th January 2003, 16:16
Erm.. I use Edonkey (www.edonkey2000.com) and then searched for Budo, Aikido etc...