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13th January 2003, 09:33
Mr Amdur,

I was the very fortunate recipient of a copy of 'Old School' this Christmas from a very dear friend.

I was extrememly impressed and found every article both well written and thought provoking.

When I've had an opportunity to re-read it a number of times I may post a more detailed and thoughtful post but I wanted to take this opportunity to say thankyou.

I do hope this won't be your last publication.

With respect

Rob Wallis

Ellis Amdur
13th January 2003, 14:35
Mr. Wallis -

Thank you for the good words. I will be happy to engage in a dialogue regarding an aspects of Old School with you or any other readers.

As for further writing, I'm mostly on a hiatus from writing specifically about martial arts. My current project is a book for mental health professionals and social services folks on verbal de-escalation of aggression. However, any reader who has familiarity with principles inherent in koryu (or in some areas, modern martial arts) will recognize those priniciples in the strategies I propose. I think it's fair to say that the book (I've got a 50+ page outline which I've been using for years to do training seminars) is an extended essay on kiaijutsu.

I'm expecting it will take me about a year to finish.


Ellis Amdur