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J. B. Tinoco
16th January 2003, 21:55

I’m interested in finding internet resources on “meditation and education”. Does anybody have a tip on the matter?

Some time ago, I attended a two days seminar on Vipassana meditation (just an introduction to the subject), and the teacher exposed some theories he developed on several issues. One of those theories was about meditation in schools as a tool for educating our emotional side. His starting point was this: In school we train our brain, our bodies, but not our emotions; so, we start our lives unprepared to face adversity (I tend to agree with him). I call your attention for the fact that this was a very brief and incomplete description.
Anyway, i think meditation, as well as martial arts, could play an important role in becoming better human beings.

Do someone has something to say about this?


16th January 2003, 22:54
i would agree with this. meditation is very relaxing, which helps you deal with your emotions. thus, face adversity.

meditation in schools would be a good idea. in addition to helping students develop their emotional 'muscles', it would relax them probably. im sure students would be under less stress after taking the class.

now, if only the school boards pay attention :p

J. B. Tinoco
16th January 2003, 23:30
I agree.
Experiences have been made (in England and France, at least that I know), that proved meditation before classes reduced "noise" levels and increased attention.
I hope some day school boards get more open to innovation, since traditional education has already proved to have failed in several ways.