View Full Version : Easiest way to make backup of a thread?

Vision Quest
29th August 2000, 16:42
I was just informed that e-budo periodically crashes and all messages are lost. I'd like to preserve some of the information on some of these threads and was wondering what the easiest way to do so is? Also, I don't want to voilate any copyright policies, is it okay to make personal backup copies of e-budo threads? Thanks,

John Lindsey
29th August 2000, 18:16
Wait a sec... :smash:

We had ONE MAJOR crash and my host did not have a backup and he actually went out of business. We now have a fantastic host and backups are done nightly. So, we do not periodically crash and loose messages. :).

I also do backups of the database.

Best way for you to save information is to do a copy and paste. I think there is also an option to make a printable version of the messages. I don't think anyone would mind if you save their messages for your private use.



Vision Quest
29th August 2000, 18:58
Thanks, John! :D