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21st January 2003, 03:11
Well, I answered 10 trivi questions on the JC online test, and they sent me my "name in kanji". I've done my best to attach it, let's see if it worked. Can anyone give a shot at translating it?

21st January 2003, 06:36
First kanji 'su': by all means necessary
Second kanji 'tei': courtyard, garden, yard
Third kanji 'bu': warrior, military, chivalry, arms
Fourth kanji 'maku': curtain, bunting, act of play
Fifth kanji 'gi': ceremony, rule, affair, case, a matter

P Goldsbury
21st January 2003, 06:44
?{: SU = necessary, essential (also read as ?{! subekaraku)
: TEI = garden (also read as ɂ niwa)
?: BU = military

: MAKU / BAKU = stage curtain, act of a play, shogunate
V: GI = rule, ceremony, model

Any the wiser?

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