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Obata T
29th August 2000, 19:29
Thank you very much for inviting me to this discussion.

Since I was the one to create Shinkendo and the Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai, I was comfortable answering your questions regarding these styles.

I also saw no problem answering all your questions about Japan's history, swords, battles, etc.

But regarding other questions about other martial arts and teachers, there were some I decided not to answer or continue discussing since I don't want to begin an unnecessary war with these martial artists.

I think I was able to answer most of these questions to the satisfaction of those that asked; but please read my next book regarding Tameshigiri when it is released, as I think many of the answers to the questions asked here will be explained in more detail in this book.

I wish all who learn swordsmanship will practice hard, train carefully and avoid dangerous injuries with the sword.

I hope that you were able to understand a little of Jinsei Shinkendo through this discussion.

International Shinkendo Federation,

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Nathan Scott
29th August 2000, 21:51
Thank you very much to Mr. Lindsey, all who contributed to the discussion, and the e-budo-ka who frequent here.

Also a special thanks to Ms. Yoko Obata, who's help was invaluable in expediting response time. :-)

I hope that my meager attempts at translation/transliteration and occasional commentaries did not interfere too much with the readability, essence and flavor of Obata Soke's responses.

It was my intention to leave Soke's responses as direct as possible, so that readers and posters could get a feel for what it's like to communicate directly with Soke. Please take this into consideration when reading these posts, and understand that something will of course be lost in a written translation of this type.