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21st January 2003, 16:13
Just doing some research for college and just wondered , do any of you guys know of a good website about the Matsuura clan in Tokugawa times? or of the history of that clan in general?. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

24th January 2003, 14:09
Hi Laura,
I don't think that there is much on the Matsuura clan online....However, maybe this site can help you out.
They have a selection of clan geneologies online and the forum there is usually very good for more information on the Samurai in general. If anyone can help they will I should think.
Good luck with your project...

24th January 2003, 14:55
Hello again,
Just saw the other thread and the address there....So, you know that one eh?;)
Ooookaaayyy....I looked through the 'Samurai Sourcebook' by Stephen Turnbull for you, on the Matsuura clan the following entries are recorded:

Matsuura Takanobu (1529-1599)
The Matsuura were the Daimyo of Hirado island. Takanobu fought several battles against rivals during the Sengoku Period, and retired in favour of his son Shigenobu in 1541.

Matsuura Shigenobu (1529-1614)
Shigenobu fought against the Shimazu in the Kyushu campaign of Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1587. He later served in both invasions of Korea in the division of Konishi Yukinaga, fighting at Pusan, Tongnae, P'yong-yang etc. He particularly distinguished himself when he led the attack in the seige of Namwon (1597).
(For heraldry see 'Samurai Warfare' by S. Turnbull)

Matsuura Hisanobu (1571-1602)
Hisanobu fought in Korea with his father Shigenobu.

Matsuura Takanobu II (1591-1637)
Takanobu II inherited the Hirado fief from his father Hisanobu, who lived only one year as Daimyo.

.....And thats all I'm afraid...For more information on the Korean campaigns it would be good to look at the recent book by Turnbull on the Korean campaigns: 'Samurai Invasion', and the other book mentioned gives the Matsuura clans heraldry...Perhaps you could also look at 'Hideyoshi' by Elizabeth Berry for more on him and possible connections with both Korea and the Matsuura family.
Sorry not to help more...