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23rd January 2003, 05:59
I'm interested in buying Shureido sai and wanted to know if there is a difference between the natural and chrome sai. Please be detailed with your explanations.

23rd January 2003, 17:36
The difference is that the chrome ones are shiny and are too slippery to grip wood when doing application. If you want sai for okinawan style practice you probably want the natural steel.

Johnathon Tetsu

23rd January 2003, 18:26
As Tetsu noted:

the chrome ones are shiny and are too slippery to grip
This is why most chrome sai are wrapped. Also, the wrapping tends to
unwrap at the most inconvenient time. Chrome sai also have a
tendency to chip when banged around enough, causing real nasty
slivers. If you can afford it, I also say go with the natural steel.
They start to patina after long use. Shureido sai are well balanced.

27th February 2003, 13:29
I'm not talking about gripping the grip. That part makes no
difference. I mean "GRIPPING WITH" the sai.

If you did Okinawan sai you'd know what I mean.


Steven Malanosk
27th February 2003, 15:23

Personally, I still use the pair of sai that I bought at Shureido in Naha in 1981. They are natural and originally had a sort of protective skin on them, but after all these years the skin has worn off. They now have a tendency to rust, so need to be kept oiled just like a firearm would. No problem, as long as I remember to wipe them off before use, and to recoat them after use.

Good thing we wear black dogi most of the time................

Yes, it is a fact that the natural sai, lend themselves better to the seizing techniques = grip.

For competition / demonstration, chrome is more eye catching, but I do prefer the natural overall.

Incidentally, the original purple chord on my handles, is long gone. I have rewrapped them with leather thongs. Much better now, than the original!

27th February 2003, 15:55
Sorry Tetsu, I know what you ment, (i.e. the friction
between sai and bo) I ment in addition to.
I also have rewrapped my sai with leather and epoxied
the back of them in place. I still favor the raw ones.