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Paulo K. Ogino
26th January 2003, 03:49
I saw the previous posts, but I'd like to have some suggestions for tatami mats. I'm planning to build my own dojo (I'm an architect) for personal practice and maybe small groups practice. Some of the styles to be practiced are Aikido, Judo, Iaido, Kenjutstu, Jodo, Kendo, etc. I'm in a low budget so I'd like to have as many advice as I may have. Thankz!!! :D

Patrick McKee
26th January 2003, 18:55
I have 30 Zebra mats in the Bay Area BuYu Center and they are working out well. I put them right on top of concrete and there haven't been any complaints. When I was doing my research folks tended to think that Zebra's are just a bit softer than Swain. Not sure where you are located but Zebra had a bunch of them in a warehouse in California even though they are located in Minnesota, if I recall correctly. I ended up getting them, new, for $85.00 each, no sales tax.


Phil Farmer
28th January 2003, 18:14
You might want to contact Masterline in California. They sell an interlocking mat system that comes in 1 meter squares. They have a tatami type of surface and are 1 5/8 thick with a softer core sandwiched between two firmer layers. We have been using these mats for the last year plus and have had excellent results. The mats art taken down and put away twice per week and sometimes three times. To date we have had no problems, other than the four mats that were stolen. A 9 meter by 9 meter lay out (81 mats) cost $2500 dollars. I have a contact in Taipei, Taiwan where the mats are made and he uses them exclusively in his dojo and loves them.

Phil Farmer

Paulo K. Ogino
28th January 2003, 22:12
Thank you guys!!! I it always good to have this feedback... Now I'm researching on the mats and I hope to have soon my mini-dojo... thankz again!!! :D

29th January 2003, 00:00
Just wanted to comment on the Zebra vs. Swain thing. I have been on both and really have not been able to tell the difference. In fact several times I have thought the school I was at used one...and it turned out to be the other. What the guy at Zebra said was, is that he felt the Zebras had slightly deeper absorbtion. I use the Zebras in my school and have had no issues...sitting on concrete same as mentioned above.