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Tom Campbell
30th August 2000, 19:35
I'd appreciate any suggestions or contact information anyone out there may have for aikijujutsu schools/instructors in or around Seattle, Washington. I'm especially interested in Daito Ryu instruction. Gendai budo schools/instructors that base their training in practice/understanding of Daito Ryu techniques/principles would do.

As far as koryu budo goes, I know about Phil Relnick's Shindo/Shinto Muso Ryu school in Woodinville, but not much else.

Thank you for your help.

Tom Campbell
30th August 2000, 19:44
Whoops, I should have said koryu bujutsu, not koryu budo. Sorry for the error. I'm a beginner here, and did not intend to ruffle any armour.

Ron Tisdale
30th August 2000, 21:18
You should see if you can locate Ellis Amdur. If I was in Seatle, that is what I would try for (don't know if he would have me though). I believe he teaches Araki ryu and possibly toda ha buku ryu (feh...thats Toda-ha Buko Ryu). I also believe he used to do/teach aikido.

Ron Tisdale

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Earl Hartman
30th August 2000, 21:27

Actually, the term "kobudo" would work just as well.

As Ron has said, Ellis Amdur is in Seattle, and while he does not teach aikijutsu as far as I know, he does teach Araki Ryu, which has hand-to-hand techniques as a large part of its curriculum. Mr. Amdur also teaches Toda-ha Buko Ryu, which concentrates primarily (but not exclusively) on the naginata, to the best of my knowledge.


Tom Campbell
31st August 2000, 00:01
Thanks, Ron and Earl. I spaced out on Ellis Amdur. I actually met him briefly, at the 1999 Kagami Birake for Phil Relnick's Shinto Muso Ryu dojo. He gave a rough and sizzling demonstration of some of his Araki-ryu art. Those guys play for real.

I've also read where he has quite a lot of experience with Aikido.

I'll follow up your tip and see what he's up to.

Thanks again.

19th May 2002, 02:26
Does anyone know of a sensei teaching aikijujutsu in the Seattle area?

John Cole
19th May 2002, 04:11
Although I do not know of any Aikijujutsu schools in Seattle, there is an excellent Hakko-ryu Jujutsu dojo in Portland, OR (if that is an option).

If you are interested, I can provide more information.

John Cole

19th May 2002, 06:55
Portland is some 3 hrs away. Daily training would be difficult. But thank you for the reply.

Patrick Peacock

Aaron Fields
19th May 2002, 07:21
I run a ju-jutsu dojo in Seattle. I have sent you an e-mail and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Neil Yamamoto
22nd May 2002, 17:13
There is no aikijujutsu in Seattle

This is not the dojo you are looking for

Move along, move along

22nd May 2002, 20:58
Nice try Neil. But your jedi mind tricks will not work on us!

23rd May 2002, 01:09
Originally posted by Neil Yamamoto
There is no aikijujutsu in Seattle

This is not the dojo you are looking for

Move along, move along

Ah, so it's ninja aikijujutsu in seattle eh? :) :D

Neil Yamamoto
23rd May 2002, 04:35
Chris, you must be a hutt, my powers didn't work on you.

Well,OK, there is John Williams teaching ajj up on Beacon Hill on Beacon Ave S. He's supposedly connected to Ron Duncan. I have no idea if that's true or not. When I stopped by one night I was asked to leave immediately. I have no idea why, I didn't even have a chance to say anything insulting. (Of course, some say my name alone is insulting)

Patric, Bernie Lau is teaching a seminar in Tacoma on June 22. The location to be determined by end of the month. Most likely it will be at either the Lakewood YMCA or Morgan branch YMCA. In case you are interested in Bernie's background, go to http://ejmas.com/jcs/jcsart_svinth_1101.htm

In case the link doesn't work, go to http://ejmas.com/ and then to the journal of combative sports and scroll down to find the article.

If you are interested, contact Fujiko Gardner (253)584-2580, email is: wafgardner@uswest.net, or Michael Bissonette, email is: bissonettem@wads.mcchord.af.mil after June 1.

You are not interested in aikijujutsu. Move along, move along

23rd May 2002, 08:15
Thanks for the information. I'll be sure to check out the Tacoma Seminar. In the mean time Arron has aggreed to teach me the Peasent art. Something about a 'Stinky finger' waza. :)

Mr. Moses. Don't think I've forgotten my humiliation at the Renton Tai Kai. And don't give me that "it was only one point" line or that it was years ago. You're still on 'the list'. Ok, I don't really have a 'list', but if I did, you'd be on it. LOL How ya been? I've been out of circulation for awhile. We need to get together at some pub and work on Hutt waza in case Mr. Yamamoto tries his mind tricks again. I've heard rumors he may be Sith.

Patrick Peacock
'Out of line padawan learner'

23rd May 2002, 16:36
Well, it's good to know I'm on somebody's list, I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong...

I guess we'll have to settle this once and for all over 16oz curls... I'll give you a holler off list and we should get together.

Digressing back to the thread, I have heard that the ajj on Beacon hill has since closed down, I could be wrong on that. The Bernie Lau seminar sounds mighty interesting however, my buddy Jeremy had really good things to say about him after the Don Angier seminar in Portland. Woo hoo, I love living in the Northwest.

Neil Yamamoto
23rd May 2002, 18:23
Oops, just spotted a mistake Fujiko Gardner's email is out of date on here, it's: wafgardner@msn.com - the phone # is correct.

Jeremy had good things to say? Must have been the beers and the love and harmony from all the aiki warping his fragile little mind.

It's actually stinky "thumb" and you must have made a good impression on Aaron to learn of that advanced level technique already. I take it my jokes about Yabe ryu were discussed from your comments on peasants. Good place to train even if I do crack jokes about them.

pm or email me if you guys have any questions on Bernie's seminar and upcoming seminars, like Toby Threadgill's.

Jeremy Hulley
31st May 2002, 01:56
Jeremy had good things to say? Must have been the beers and the love and harmony from all the aiki warping his fragile little mind.

Fragile little mind long warped:)

10th December 2002, 14:28

I am looking for a Daito Ryu Jujitsu school in the Tacoma area. Someone mentioned Bernie Lau in a previous post. I knew him when I was a kid. Does he teach Diato Ryu Jujitsu or a more combative style of Aikido?

I appreciate your help.

Nathaniel Gullion

10th December 2002, 19:07
Bernie teaches his own thing which is, as far as I can make out when he says it, “Aiki au juice”. :p

Neil, are you sure there is a Threadgill seminar “upcoming?”

Neil Yamamoto
10th December 2002, 21:28
Bernie Lau no longer teaches publicly, only to a handful of students and at seminars. If you want to contact him, PM me.

There is no DRAJJ actively up here in the Pac NW, There was a Takumakai DRAJJ class for kids taught by Tom Hargrave but I'm not sure if he is still teaching.

Louis Butto
31st December 2003, 06:05
I'm a 2nd dan, and have been practicing Daito Ryu near Osaka, Japan under Kenkichi Ohgami, (8th dan from Takuma Hisa) for the last five years. I'm planning to come home and visit relatives and friends in Seattle for the month of March (2004). If anyone in the Seattle area is interested in training together with me, please let me know. If there are enough people, we can start a study group. Then Ohgami sensei, who is planning to visit the USA later in the year, could stop off in Seattle. Looking forward to hearing from any people who are sincerely interested.

Best Regards,

29th July 2005, 20:58
Does anyone here know of any Aikijujutsu Schools that are located in the state of Washington. I live in the Puget Sound region, Near Tacoma, and cannot find an Aikijujutsu school.

I study Aikido and have for several years, and would even be willing to start a "Study Group" but I want to learn and or be affiliated with an Aikijujutsu system, I think that the style is more what I am looking for.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!

Joseph Svinth
30th July 2005, 19:58
Try http://tacomaaikidojo.com .

31st July 2005, 01:34
Thank you for the reply, however I did check them out a while ago and it seems that they are going towards Aikikai more so that the Icho Ryu Aikijutsu that they also associate with. I was hoping to find something but have come up empty so far. I am willing to travel, but, I am thinking I am going to come up empty!!!!

Thank you for your reply, I do appreciate it.

P. O'Farrell
1st August 2005, 06:00

I know this is a link for the aikido club but Bernie Lau has studied Daito Ryu and I believe Neil Yamamoto has as well. My Tang Soo Do instructor, Eric Madis knows Neil Yamamoto and suggested to me that he would be a good person to talk to about aikido and aikijujutsu even if you are not going to train on Mercer Island.

Please let us know how it goes.

Good luck,

Papken O'Farrell

1st August 2005, 06:33
Thank you for the replies! One of my instructors (who holds Dan rank in Aikijujutsu) stated he would begin teaching me privately, the Aikijujutsu. I didn't think he was going to due to his interest in Aikikai, however he saw my interest In the "jutsu" and stated I would be accepted to learn. Anyway, I will see what happens!!

Again thank you!!!!!