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28th January 2003, 10:33
Right this is about a sequence in my film, and i would like to get it accurate when we film it in March. In the film the Daimyo's son and a retainer are running along a wooded path and one of the bad guys shoots the son in the shoulder with an arrow (soo friendly!) The next shot of the film is that night and these two are the only suvivors of the battle. My question is, these two characters are pretty much on the hoof between the two scenes, and i was wondering how the sons wound would have been treated considering that there was no time or facilities for anything fancy! (i dont know the first thing about medicine in Japan at this era, and wondered if they had different methods to what we had in the West?
Any info would be greatly appreciated - that i can pass onto the "special effects" person of the film...

Joseph Svinth
29th January 2003, 01:11
A course syllabus for Japanese medicine that includes recommended readings: http://www.uoregon.edu/~history/courses/archive/syllabi/491591.htm

You're in UK, so check SOAS for the books.

29th January 2003, 07:19
the film is set in 1800