View Full Version : Karate in Ft. Worth, TX???

28th January 2003, 15:15
Hey Everyone,

I hope that everyone is doing well. I will be moving into the Ft. Worth, TX area pretty soon. Actually, it will be on the NW side of town in Lake Worth. Does anyone know of any quality Japanese Karate schools in the area? I would prefer Wado, but a guy can't be to picky. I would really appreciate any help you could offer. Feel free to email me at tim_dahl@hotmail.com.


Tim Dahl

Charles Mahan
31st January 2003, 16:30
I responded to your other post too, but it just so happens that John Ray is a Godan(5th) in Uechi Ryu karate. It's not Wado, and I don't know much about either system, but I do know John is very highly trained and is still in close contact with his sensei and sempai in Okinawa. You'd really have to ask him for any more information.


1st February 2003, 13:16
Jerry Chau is an excellent Wado-ryu instructor in Grand Prairie. That may be a bit more of a drive than you were looking for, but that seems to be the rule in the metroplex.