View Full Version : A deity name and place and person's name (readings)

28th January 2003, 21:35
The Followin kanji are in Shift-JIS

Could somebody please decypher the following deity for me (the proper reading):

?M ?B

Also I can't make out the reading of the place names here:

? s S t ( ?p ? ) ?l

And one more thing:

? ? P v

Kawakami Yoshita???? A man's name...

Thank you very much for your help!

28th January 2003, 21:52
Hmm.. the kanji don't show properly. You can check them here (Shift-JIS encoding):

Thank you in advance!

30th January 2003, 14:59
Yes, thank you Mr. Turner. That did indeed help.

Does anyone know if I'm correct as I believe that the kanji of most dieties (buddhist or shinto) and geographical locations have pretty established readings?

In case anyone's wondering: I'm trying to translate little info about Shinto Munen ryu from Bugei Ryuha Dai Jiten.
Really good practise for my Japanese :)