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4th February 2003, 18:17
Being a karate guy I was hoping one of you kobudo guys could translate this. My brain keeps getting an error message.

Kokusai KyuKyu Kobujutsu Kenkyokai

Thank you!

Steve Beale

Andy Watson
5th February 2003, 14:11
Without seeing the kanji it is impossible to be sure but here is the low down...

Kokusai = international

Kyukyu = not sure but it might be diligence

Kobujutsu = classic martial arts

Kenkyokai = association of ???? Are you sure it's not kenkyukai which would mean research association

5th February 2003, 15:58
Thank you and no it is kenkyokai. Is it perhaps a family name?

Steve Beale

Andy Watson
5th February 2003, 16:27
Kai is almost definately association. Kenkyo doesn't sound like a family name at all. Ken is often used to mean test or research. That's why I thought it was kenkyu.

Any chance of getting the kanji?

5th February 2003, 17:38
No kanji I am afraid.

I was hoping to find some lineage but I it looks like I will go direct to the source. Due to a past experience I like to independently verify (for lack of a better word) lineage.

Thank you for your input.

Steve Beale