View Full Version : Yoko-Empi-Uchi Hiki-Te

4th February 2003, 20:52
One does techniques to the front with a Hiki-Te beside the hip (to the back). The techniques (for example: Oi-Tsuki) goes to the front and the Hiki-Te to the back, but Shuto-Uke in Kokutsu-Dachi is a "Yoko" techniques. That is the Hiki-Te goes to the beside, before it the solar-plexus.

Is that with Yoko-Empi-Uchi the same? and also with all Yoko-Techniques? For example Yoko-Uchi-Uke, Yoko-Geda-Barai and so on...

5th February 2003, 14:55

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