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5th February 2003, 20:07
I got to thinking about the variet of belts that Balck Belts wear due to the Red Belt topic.

Describe the Black Belts in your school....

Do you only have Black?
Do you use the Black/Red/White alternating colors?
Do your Black Belts wear satin/cloth belts?
Is there embroidery on the ends only?
Does anyone have a belt embroidered down the center of the belts (like the guy on the inside cover of the Century catalog)?
What color stripes?
Do you get a new belt with each degree?

5th February 2003, 20:31

The plainer the better!

Plain black, standard width, no embroidery allowed, no fancy finishes, like satin, allowed. Rules followed by all dan holders, including the Chief Instructor.


5th February 2003, 20:40
Middle of the road.

Black cotton.
No stripes.
Embroidery (ends) okay, but most only wear for formal (testing) occasions.
You get one belt at shodan only, if you wear it out you buy a new one.

Steve Beale

6th February 2003, 00:50
I thought that since I brought it up...

We don't have any rules except Red only for Masters.

You earn it you decide. Most of our Black Belts leave it the way they get it. Some get stripes.

I gues you can say that Sensei gave it to us this way, why mess with it?

6th February 2003, 01:20
As far as I have seen, plain black cotton belts with stripes in both ends that describe the rank. No embroidery. I do not know if that is a rule but that's the most common among those I study with (Shorin Ryu Matsubayashi Ha). Most of those I have seen using different types I knew had ranks in other styles. 7th and 8th dan wear red & white if they feel like doing so. 9th and 10th, the broad red one.


Sidarta de Lucca

Mitch Saret
6th February 2003, 18:17
But we all new that, didn't we.

Upon reaching shodan we are issued a belt with the style kanji embroidered for the left end, last name on the right end. Embroidery done in red. If you wear it out, you buy a new one.

At godan you could wear the renshi belt( half red, half white running the length of the belt on one side, black on the other). It is even designated how to be worn depending on the rank; red up, white down, black inside, etc. I have yet to see anyone actually wear it though. I should be testing for my godan soon, and I'll probably not wear one either, I won't be buying one, that is.

9th and 10th Dans could wear an all red belt. Our organization has an 8th dan as it's highest member, my instructor. But with 2 hip replacements, he is not doing anything anymore.

I do have a belt with stripes on the left and name on the right, but I don't wear it, unless I am where someone would need to know what level I am right off. I have only worn it twice. And that was under hakama for ceremonies, so no one saw the stripes.

7th February 2003, 02:19
Mr. Dyer

The Dojo/s that I have belonged to have had a variety of color belts for the Kyu grade but usually the same. As for the black (dan) grades, usually they are black with your name on one end and the associations and Dojos name on the other. Some students keep it plain black or they have their name only. There has been only one person that I used to train with that put the stripes on his. But generally speaking it is black all the way up. Traditionally speaking, I am not sure.