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Undmark, Ulf
1st September 2000, 10:55
Hi Don, a flash of curiosity struck me, not really related to the discussion of ryuha authenticy.

I thought about the name (Nishina Daisuke) as found in the document during research on the mentioned ryuha.

Is it possible to write that name with different kanji, or pronounce the kanji found in the document in different ways? If that is the case, would it be possible to get the kanji right when writing the lineage, if one hasn't already seen the kanji written somewhere else?

This is a question just out of curiosity, as the though crossed my mind.

Ulf Undmark

Don Roley
3rd September 2000, 00:54
In this case it really is not an issue. Since seeing your post I did a quick, un- scientific survey among a handfull of Japanese friends with no relation to the subject at hand and all of them could write the name Nishina Daisuke just as it is found in both the Genppei Seisui Ki and the Japanese books on the Togakure ryu. I is evidently not a very common, but not an obscure name.
Don Roley