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Joseph Svinth
1st September 2000, 14:38

Just in case you thought Jon Bluming was exaggerating.

1st September 2000, 20:17
The story about the dog is absolutely awful. Frankly, this makes me seriously wonder about the mental and emotional health of some of these practitioners. Somehow, the character building aspects of the arts seems to get lost when these people get it into their head that they are practicing samurai arts. I can only be thankful that horror stories like these are not better known to the public outside of Japan. Martial arts have enough difficulty with public relations as it is.

1st September 2000, 20:43

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2nd September 2000, 08:04
I have had Tansley's site bookmarked for a while, now, and the stories do continue to amaze. Try to read Art's stay in a Japanese "hospital" and his friendship with one particular karateka with whom Tansley did business.:shot:


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2nd September 2000, 08:48
I agree with Krzytof, except for one thing. Since this is not that rare in MA, I think People like Arthur and Bluming should get more play. Art has had an amazing life and has some other bitter/sweet memories like that above. This happens precisely for the reasons given, so maybe he is right. Let's stop fooling ourselves and call it what it is. This should be remembered, not forgotten, as history had a tendency to repeat every now and then. This needs to be considered, especially when one believes Japan is the place for real budo. Frankly, it has never been a true option in learning fighting skills. Enough of these guys are around here if that is what you want.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You may not live long enough to make them all yourselves." Prof. Jigoro Kano.

Think he had something here?

BTW: If you want to learn more about Arthur Tansley, his site is located here: http://members.xoom.com/atansley/atansley/

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Jeff Bristol
2nd September 2000, 21:25
HOw common are these things?

Jeff bristol

Neil Hawkins
3rd September 2000, 09:32
I just noticed that the newest member is an Arthur Tansley, if you're out there Arthur welcome and please feel free to join in.

I would be interested in anything you may know about Judo/Jujutsu history in Australia, as not much has been written to date.


John Lindsey
3rd September 2000, 13:33
After visiting his website, I sent Arthur an invitation to join us AND the chance to have his own spotlight forum. I am glad to see him here.

3rd September 2000, 17:11
My sempai from Japan has an eye-witness account of one of his Iaido sensei stopping his Mercedes in the middle of a busy street to pick up road kill, so that he can test the edge of his latest Shinken.

John Lindsey
22nd September 2003, 23:34
Bump... Looks like he updated his page.

23rd September 2003, 01:02
The sory about the guy that cutted his dog is almos unbelievable. I really wish e becomes a dog in his next life:mad: