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13th February 2003, 05:49
I am interested in training in the Bujinkan in San Antonio (TX), and I have read that there is a San Antonio Bujinkan Dojo but have been able to find out very little about it.

I wondered if any people who are or have been involved with the San Antonio Bujinkan Dojo could share their knowledge of it and experience with it.

Any help would be appreciated.

13th February 2003, 19:55
Howdy Mr. Tom,
I am not sure & won't comment on the existence of a Bujinkan group in or around the San Antonio area, but if you don't mind a little drive, our door is always open down here in Corpus Christi. Please visit our website at www.wanyunloong.com for more information.

Good luck with your search,
Richard Elizondo
Wan Yun Loong Combat Lab
Corpus Christi, TX

16th February 2003, 23:41
Thank you very much for the information. Wan Yun Loong looks very interesting. Unfortunately, transportation constraints limit where I can attend to basically the immediate San Antonio area. Still, thank you for your helpful response.

23rd February 2003, 09:11
I called the number ( found at ninjutsu.com ) for the San Antonio Bujinkan Dojo, and I got a "disconnected or no longer in service" recording. I thought this information might also be useful to other SA area people who are interested in ninpo. I'll hopefully be able to start training at a dojo in another city (I think San Marcos is the closest) during the summer. Thank you very much to everyone who responded either in this thread or via PM.


M. Tom

5th June 2006, 23:11
Apparently there now is one, part of Spirit Warriors Bujinkan dojos. http://www.spiritwarriors.com/

Has anyone on e-Budo trained in any of the Spirit Warriors affiliated dojos? I have not been able to visit yet.

6th June 2006, 08:08
By the looks of the website they semmed like fully fledged Bujinkan Dojos, i suggest popping along to train.

Remember we all have different experiences and therefore yours is the important one.

m harper
6th June 2006, 13:06
Spirit Warriors Bujinkan dojo's http://www.spiritwarriors.com/ are run by Shidoshi Jay Hardy. He came to the Texas Shidoshi seminar last year and is very good. I would recommend him for Bujinkan Training in San Antonio.

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

6th June 2006, 19:24
if the bujinkan dojo you were origionally talking about is the one at www.ninjutsu.com van donk is a credible teacher but i dont have any experience with them.

23rd December 2007, 20:26
You may want to also try www.shinkengata.com, I host a training group in San Antonio on Saturdays.

Warm Regards,
Brian Gore

15th January 2014, 16:04
Tom (et al),
There is a Bujinkan Shibu here in San Antonio- it used to be the Bujinkan - Bushi No Michi Dojo- now the Bushi No Michi Shibu- since Shihan (10th Dan) Rae Mann moved to Florida. In place now- the Bushi No Michi Shibu is under San Dan/ Shidoshi-ho Steven Waling (me). We are on the northwest side of San Antonio (inside 1604). IF you do a google search for Bujinkan satx you'll find the google site I have temporarily put up until I have time to make it bigger/better. Also, Shihan Rae Mann is still the leader/Sponsor of the Shibu and does come down to do seminars a few times a year.
We are often also envited to go train with JuGo Dan (15th Dan) Shihan Joseph Adriance in Del Rio as he is the lineage of the dojo (Shihan Mann's sensei).
We usually have between 2-10 students on a regular basis, consisting of military, police, a few musicians, and college students.
Shihan Mann's site www. bjkbudo .com (remove the spaces) is up and working and references the Shibu in San Antonio.
I am not a business and have no intention on this being some sort of monetary winfall for me. It's a bunch of guys who just want to train, learn, and grow in budo. I keep costs as low as possible but enough to provide a professional and safe place to train.

I hope this helps, email me or send a contact request through the website mentioned above.
Gambatte Kudasai!
San Dan, Shidoshi-ho,
Steven W.